"What did you do today at Tiny Toes?"

  • Tell me and I will forget, Show me and I will remember, Let me do it on my own and I will understand.

    — Konfuzius
  • The structure of our day has been chosen to give children a broad range of opportunities and stimulating activities. There are times for them to make their own choices and times for them to follow an adult’s lead; times to play together and times to play alone; times to be quiet and times to make a joyful noise; times to be active and times to rest and reflect. Any of these activities can, and do, take place indoors or outdoors and often flow between the two.

  • “What did you do at Tiny Toes today darling? ”
    “…. and then when Lynn and Charlotte said it was time to tidy up, I quickly painted you a picture.”

    — Tiny Toes little person talking to her mum